When you close your eyes

… and try to find yourself, here in this moment, who or what do you discover yourself to be?

This is a simple way to inquire into the nature of mind, described in Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh.

In this case…

Empty space, in which all experiences appear. It is empty awareness, the function of experiencing. No form, no color, no shape, no extent, no time, no space. Not conditioned by anything. Is nothing, and potentially everything. Can meet any experience as it is. When aware of itself in this way, can manifest as joy, bliss, love, vibrancy, richness, fullness – not dependent on any particular triggers.

It is so simple we have difficulties seeing it. It is so close, so simple, so everpresent. Whenever we look for it, we go too far. It is so close, we don’t notice it. And when we notice, we don’t quite believe it. Can it really be so simple? So close? So effortless? So natural?

And when we recognize it, rest in it, allow ourselves to sink into it, to become familiar with it, it brings up infinite joy, gratitude, humility…

When it rests in itself, it allows itself to gradually clarify and open… it reveals itself as Big Mind.

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