Who Am I?

I sat with this question this morning – allowing past experiences and expectations to soften and melt away, along with (the temporary identification with) the body, personality, all phenomena. What is left is this awareness. Here/now, as it is. Without any particular characteristics of form, color, beginning, end, time, change, boundaries, outside, inside.

There was also a sense of clear empty light in/through this awareness and phenomena.

This awareness is that which is reading these word. When there is effort – as soon as there is a pointing in any direction – I am looking too far away. All that is needed is a relaxing and softening into it, a simpe noticing. It is just what is – here/now – as it is.

A footnote: The dropping away of the body, personality, all phenomena, refers to a dropping away of this in terms of focus… What is left if all these melt away? Who am I if all aspects of this small self – the body, emotions, thoughts – are not there? Of course, this is a dualistic process – separating the world of phenomena from the Absolute – but it does help us differentiate between the two. And when we rest in the nature of mind, in this awareness empty of characteristics, it naturally functions in a more transdual way. Through differentiation we enter into a transdual view.

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