A beautiful way of phrasing it, from an internet chat Ken Wilber gave some years back.

“how to function with the Unborn” is indeed the question. yet how simple that ultimately is, for notice:

right now, you are spontaneously and effortlessly aware of the clouds floating by in the sky, feelings floating by in the body, thoughts floating by in the mind. there is a consciousness that is already noticing all of that, and it is spontaneously and effortlessly present. all of those things–the clouds, feelings, thoughts–all drift by in your own vast consciousness, right here, right now.

but what about that consciousness itself? what color is that? where is it located? where is your mind right now? does it have a shape or size or color?

in fact, your own consciousness right now is without shape or form, but it beholds all the shapes and forms floating by. your own consciousness right now is without color, yet it beholds all the glorious colors passing by. it is without taste, yet can taste all the flavors that arise moment to moment.

your own consciousness, in other words, is without taste or color or shape or form. your own consciousness–right now at this very moment, and just as it already is–is in fact the great formless Unborn. even your own body and feelings and thoughts and mind arise in the vast openness of your own ever-present awareness, and that present awareness is none other than Spirit itself.

in short, you are aware of yourself existing now. that of which you are aware is your individual self; that which is aware of your individual self, right now, is God.

and you, as pure witness, are that God, that Goddess. you, as pure witness, are the Divine itself, right here and right now; whereas you, as an object of that Self, are the mortal, finite, limited thing you are used to calling yourself (“dinu” or “tom” or “ken” or “amy”).

it is not impossible, or even hard, to rest as the great empty Witness, the great Unborn, and simultaneously exercise any object that arises in this great open awareness–such as your body, your ego, your psyche, or anything else that arises.

The integral view, then, embraces both absolute (Unborn and empty Consciousness) and relative (any and all Forms that arise in that vast infinite space that you are). may this infinite great Unborn, which you always already are, tacitly announce itself to you when you aren’t looking, and slowly begin to reorganize your entire being along lines that can never be whispered….

– Ken Wilber, 2000.

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