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There are many today working on culture change, on the Great Turning into a more life-centered civilization. But I am struck by how many of these still adhere to a business model which belongs to the old system.

The old worldview is dualistic, and from this mechanistic and atomistic. We see the parts but not the seamless whole they are embedded in. It is a fear-inducing and fear-based system focused on accumulation. In terms of business, it is focused on proprietary products and on payment for access to information. Progress within any area is often secret and proprietary, and thus not available for others to build on.

The new worldview is systemic, and thus more about flow and relationships. We see distinctions within a seamless fluid whole. This is a more generous system centered on flow. In terms of business, it uses an open source model where information is freely available, and people pay for services. Progress within any area is public and available for others to build on.

It seems obvious that the former model is doomed to extinction. It is based on how mechanical systems function, and consists of innumerable dead ends – proprietary information others cannot refine and build on. It is inherently inefficient and suicidal.

The new model is more aligned with our information age and what we know about how biological and ecological systems function. It is creative, efficient, fun and life-centered.

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