Relaxing into the Field

Most of us, even after years of integral (or just spiritual) practice, still tend to get a little imballanced during our everyday activities. There is often a subtle tendency to focus on some aspects of our experiences, and allow other aspects fall into the background. We may have some attachments to certain thoughts which filters what we allow to be fully experienced. Or it may just be our activities in the moment which invites us to focus on certain aspects and not other.

One safety valve is to take some time every day to allow the whole field of experienced unfold withing spacious awareness – without any engagement in them. This allows the system to balance out somewhat – what was focus on can fade back into the field and that which has been in the background can emerge into the field.

And there is always a whole wide range of experiences arising – on all levels of our being.

Right now, there is…

A sense of heaviness in the body, a slight headache in the forehead area, a slight tension and achiness in my neck muscles, a sense of warm softness throughout the body, some tension (as I am sitting upright), a sense of empty light, and space & awareness (the formless unborn). And much more left out in this writing.

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