Some interesting projects (only ideas)…

Deeksha Stories
Collecting stories of people’s experiences of awakenings (into witness, connecetdness and oneness), and publish online and/or in book format.

Research on those who report having awakened into oneness:

  • Physiological
    How is their brain activity similar/different to others.
    Immune system functioning (measure of stress).

  • Psychological
    Measures on several lines of development (spiritual, cognitive, emotional, relationships, moral, values, etc.)
    Measures of happiness, stress, etc.

  • Relational
    Interviews and/or questionairres for partners (to see how their intimate relationships are perceived from the other person’s view).

  • Engagement
    Engagement in the world, socially and ecologically.

This could yield some quite interesting results, especially if done rigorously with control groups, widely accepted measures, etc.

The physiological measures would/could indicate – even for die-hard materialists – that something is really going on.

The psychological measures would – possibly – show that the spiritual line is high, along with associated ones such as the moral, values and probably cognitive, relationships and emotional. It would be interesting to see if the overal profile of this group shows characteristics that are different from the control group, and what these differences are. And, of course, it would be interesting to throw in some lines which are less likely to change – such as maybe musicality, kinestetics, etc.

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