What Falls Away

When awareness awakens to its nature, what is it that falls away?

It is…

  • The exclusive identification with the small self.
  • The drama of life. As we become more familiar with the nature of mind, as the center of gravity shifts to embrace the context (nature of mind) and the content (fluid experineces), and as we bring this into more and more situations in daily life – the drama falls away. What used to create drama – because we blindly identified with it – now unfolds within space and awareness.

And not much more really… Our identity expands and becomes more fluid and porous. The drama looses its attraction. And we explore life as the absolute (the nature of mind) and the relative (the small self as part of the world of phenomena). There are more layers, more fluidity and more richness and fullness.

And when awareness awakens to itself as Big Mind, what falls away?

It is…

  • Any fixed identification within the relative realm
  • Any sense of “self”. This small self – this body/personality – is a vortex in the stream. The universe is consciousness, and I am that consciousness. There is nobody left in – or rather no blind attachments to – the small self. It is just en empty shell enlivened by Big Mind. A hollow reed through which God blows.

And when this is integrated and seasoned, what falls away?

It is…

  • Any identification or attachment to Big Mind.

Awareness is now completely fluid, free to function in any way on personal and transpersonal levels. We become rehumanized – we sink into our lives as a human being, although now in the context of Big Mind.

This is of course an idealized representation… The experience of it is more messy, less linear and with unique flavors in each case.

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