I find that there seems to be slightly different ways of experiencing the Absolute – or at least what seems to be the Absolute.

For me, there are two distinct experiences, and both share an experience of being space & awareness, or just the function of experiencing, empty of any characteristics. I am space & awareness, in which the fluid phenomena appear. And I find myself to be the space and the phenomena simultaneously.

The difference is more in the context.

In the more typical mode for me, there is a sense of a slight veil, a subtle “fog” throughout.

Occasionally, there are periods of an incredible clarity where this veil or fog lifts. The space is crystal clear and empty. I know the Tibetans use the term diamond mind, and that is a term that seems to fit this experience.

Of course, the Absolute is what it is – in both cases. The difference is in the clarity in which I experience it. In the first case, there is a subtle fog layer (in the world of phenomena) filling the space. In the second, the space is crystal clear.

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