Absolute & Relative

From the view of the absolute, everything is perfect as it is. Nothing is missing. Everything is Existence, God, Buddha Mind, Spirit manifesting, exploring itself in myriad ways. It is all beautiful, even the deepest suffering.

From the view of the relative, there is room for improvement. If we function in a dualistic way, then we try to push away something and seek something else. If we function in a transdual way, we see that all is perfect as it is, and yet we can hold an intention – there is a direction. Although we realize that suffering is perfect as it is, we can also work to alleviate it – to aid awakening and a release from suffering. This too is part of the perfection.

If we don’t experience the absolute, we take everything too seriously. We get caught up in ideas and shoulds. If we don’t experience the relative, there is no movement and no unfolding. Existence is not able to explore itself in always new ways.

The absolute gives space, release and equanimity. The relative gives fullness, richness and engagement.

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