After Awakening

Life is cycles of awakenings and integration. And any awakening, at any level, is a beginning as well as an end.

Even when we awaken fully to Big Mind – to that which embraces the Absolute and Relative, to where we see the universe as consciousness and I am that consciousness – that too is only a beginning.

There is still the process of becoming familiar with this new view, and the relationship between Big Mind and the small self.

There is still the process of learning how to express it, verbally and otherwise through the life of the small self. (Which includes studying how others have expressed it).

There is still the process of integration. To figure out how to live from this view through the small self.

There is still the process of allowing the small self to heal, on any and all levels including physical, energetic, emotional and mental.

There is still the process of allowing the lines of development to continue to mature, within the context of the Big Mind view.

There is still the process of gradually softening and allow our attachment to this Big Mind view to fall away.

There is still the rehumanization. To relax into our holarchy of being from the small self through to Big Mind.

There is still the process of exploring how to collectively live from this view. What does it mean for how we structure society? For how we relate to others who have not yet awakened in this way?

There is still the process of consciously participate in the evolution of the world of phenomena, as an integral part of the Earth and this Universe.

And each of these is a continuous process. There is no end to any of them, as long as we function through a small self in the world of phenomena.

An awakening to Big Mind is not by any means an end to the process. It is not even a solution to everything the small self can perceive as something to be dealt with (unraveling ecosystems, growing gap between rich and poor, weapons of mass destruction, widespread toxins, dysfunctional democracy, corporate globalization, struggle over limited resources). But it does allow us to approach each of these in a different way.

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