Awakenings & Tools

Some tools I have had the fortune to explore, and their (apparent) effects.

Big Mind Process
Clarifying how the mind functions in personal and transpersonal levels. Becoming more familiar with the Big Mind – transdual – view, and gradually allowing it into everyday life.

When I look inside, in this moment, who or what do I find myself to be?

Byron Katie Inquiry
This process brings a “declutching” of the thoughts. Awareness is aware of itself as empty of characteristics, and the processes of the personality (thoughts, emotions, sensations) arise and fade within this spacious awareness. There is no automatic need to engage in them, and when we do – it is within the context of the spacious awareness. We do not get blindly caught up in them.

Where mainstream psychology – and cognitive therapy – typically exchange one set of beliefs for another one (a little healthier), this process allows them all to fall away. We come to the clear spacious nature of mind, to direct percpetions not filtered by beliefs and associations, and are able to engage more fully and directly in life – without drama.

“Energy transfer” which seems to bring about three levels of awakenings;
1. Witness (stable, clear, declutching).
2. Connectedness (rich intimacy with all beings, all phenomena, no separation).
3. Oneness (Big Mind, cosmic consciousness).

Meditation in movement. Brings grounding, while resting in the nature of mind as a context for all experiences.

Sitting Meditation
Awareness rests in itself. In the analogy of dirty water, it allows the dirt to sink to the bottom and reveal the mind as clear. The dirt is the content – the sensations, emotions, thoughts – as they appear when we blindly and exclusively identify with them. The water is the nature of the mind – awareness empty of characteristics. When the content calms down, it is easier for us to spot the nature of mind. And after we become familiar with it, it becomes the context for all experiences – whether they are calm or active. So there is clarity and stability, and also insights into the nature and processes of the mind.

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