Bliss Clouds

I have periods where bliss bubbles up without any apparent reason. The experience is not connected with any inner/outer situation, apart from – so it seems – being connected with and resting as/in the witness, the formless ground, the absolute.

The bliss bubbles up from the absolute, when it is aware of itself.

And I know that this too will pass. All experiences, all the content of awareness, are fluid. And I can enjoy it even more when I know it is temporary. I can allow myself to fully experience it.

When I relax into whatever I experience in the present, there is a full experience of it, and the attachment drops away. There is a clear slate, no trace. Everything experienced are clouds passing through the clear sky – with no trace.

3 thoughts to “Bliss Clouds”

  1. dear bliss addict

    shakti is a (drug)

    bliss is a (drug)

    stop being a yoga drug addict, see the truth with out any qualifications—the truth, [life force] was there befor ,any forms, befor any matter, befor any conciousness,befor any light.

    she is the first and only lifeform,that i know of ????

    so see her with out qualifications, air dosnt do much, but with out air….you know the rest , we coulnt breath or exist.

    peace and light

    om mother life force
    om goddess of avalon

    only one life force

    om fred heidrick

  2. I thought that’s what I said 🙂

    For me, it seems that the bliss is one of the “golden chains”. One that – at a certain phase in our process – helps us come back to practice, so we can clarify, deepen and move beyond.

    It is one of the innumerable clouds passing through the sky. One of the innumerable experiences unfolding within space & awareness.

    We cannot hold onto it even if we try, and if we try – we are gently and faithfully reminded of our folly by the suffering that comes with it.

    All we can do is rest in the space & awarenes that is always here, witnessing and enjoying the forms as they pass by.

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