Causality & Movement

Causality also looks different depending on the view…

Small Self
When we are exclusively identified with the small self, we operate from a dualistic view. I am a separate entity, and everything else are separate entities. Sometimes we bump into each other, and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t’.

Causality is when something bumps into something else, and causes a reaction. Maybe it moves, maybe it is deformed, maybe it reacts with a particular experience or behavior. One thing bumps into another, and causes something to happen to it.

Big Mind
When we awaken to Big Mind – that which embraces the Absolute and the Relative, and any possible polarity – it looks a little different. From here, we see that the whole of Existence is a fluid seamless whole. The relative aspect of Existence – the world of phenomena – is always in movement, always in flux.

These movements within the whole are expressed in the various aspects of Existence, which in turn appears as causality from the view of the small selves.

Of course, from the Big Mind view, we see that both views are valid. It is all just movements within the whole. And the behavior of one aspect can cause a change in another aspect as well. These views complement each other.

A nice thing about this view from the whole is that synchronicities are to be expected – there is nothing very mysterious about it. Although it can certainly look that way from the view of the small selves.

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