Clear Seeing & Content

When we awaken to the nature of mind – to ourselves as space & awareness, to the “ground” of being, to the Witness, to space & knowing – there seems to be an element of bliss and joy there. We have finally come “home” in a certain sense, and there is a natural joy coming up.

But of course, this bliss and joy is just another passing content. It is part of the relative, the world of phenomena. It comes and goes.

Today, feeling pretty awful on the level of the small self, has been a good reminder of this. I still rest as/in the Witness – as this space and the function of awareness – and the content is not anything that this small self enjoys. And that too is just content. Just something that comes and goes. Fleeting and temporary, as the joy and bliss is.

And there is a beauty in this. In recognizing that this Witness, this space & awareness, so clearly beholds anything that arises – independent of the likes and dislikes of the small self, independent on labels or stories – it all just unfolds within space & awareness. It functions distinct from any preferences. It just beholds. It just allows anything to arise – as it is.

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