Doing & Being

Doing and being can be quite simple from this view.

When we rest in/as the Absolute, there is pure being – distinct from the world of phenomena, and allowing the world of phenomena to arise within it.

When we engage with/through the small self, there is pure doing – in and as the world of phenomena.

When we realize the holarchy of our being, from the Relative through the Absolute, there is effortless doing and effortless being.

Actually, there is always effortless doing and effortless being, but it may not always appear that way to us – if we are caught up in the extra, in the drama of it. This is another process – to recognize the extra and allow it to drop. When we do this, we can even engage with the extra and still see that it is not extra.

We rest as the Absolute, and see the extra – the drama – appearing within us, within the life of this small self, and that is perfectly OK. There is no extra added to the extra, no drama added to the drama.

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