Some of the many meanings of emptiness – as far as they appear to me right now…

In terms of the Absolute, it can refer to the nature of mind – space & awareness, the function of experiencing, the formless unborn – as empty of any characteristics. It is distinct from the world of phenomena, so any words will be inadequate in trying to describe it.

As a sidenote: it is distinct from, yet also inseparable from the world of phenomena – without one there couldn’t be the other. The Absolute allows the Relative to unfold in always fresh and new ways. The Relative allows the Absolute to explore itself.

When we awaken to the Absolute, we find a “ground” outside of the world of phenomena. From this new perspective, we come to see it as a seamless fluid whole. We discern and make distinctions within this seamless fluid whole – both are present at the same time.

Systems theories and the view of holarchies (everything is a whole and a part, systems within systems, as a set of nested Russian dolls) reflect this view quite well.

Here, we come to recognize that this small self – this body and personality – is also a part of this fluid and seamless whole. It is empty of any fixed and separate existence.

When we allow this view into life, we find a great simplicity and ease in being and in our daily activities. For me, there is a simplicity in it that is far greater than what I could have expected.

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