From one emptiness comes the other.

When we come to the nature of mind (awareness/consciousness), we find that it is empty of any characteristics. It is distinct from the world of phenomena, and appear as timeless, as a void, as a deep silence. It is the context for the content of awareness.

And here, we see all as from the outside. We see that they are all one seamless fluid whole. And this small self – this body/personality – is a vortex in the stream. It is a temporary and fluid pattern of matter and energy. It is a hollow reed. And this awareness can use it as a vehicle – as an emissary into the world of phenomena.

The small self is empty of any fixed or independent existence. It is a temporary pattern in a seamless fluid whole.

Eventually, when awareness awakens to Big Mind, there is a new phase. We see the universe as consciousness, and I am that consciousness. And this temporary fluid pattern of matter and energy becomes a vehicle for Big Mind. It is a hollow reed through which God blows.

And there is a process here, in dropping any exclusive identification with the small self. For a while, there may be areas where there is still identification, but as the process unfolds – these gradually soften and drop away. In the end, there is no longer any exclusive identification with any parts of the small self, and there is only Big Mind – only God – functioning through the small self.

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