Expanded Sense of Our Holarcy of Being

Operating from a partial sense of our holarchy of being, there can be a certain sense of claustrophobia. We are identified with just the aspects of the small self – the body, energies, emotions and thoughts. In a way, we are trapped in and as this small container. This small separate object in a vast world of other separate and unpredictable objects. We have no choice but to get blindly caught up in all the drama of the human life, in the various ways it plays itself out.

As our experience of our holarchy of being expands, there is a shift. And as we become more familiar with this larger holarcy of being – from the small self through to space & awareness – the ripples of this shift gradually spread. Now, drama can give way to ease, complexity to simplicity, fragmentation to wholeness.

In a certain sense, not much has changed. Everything that was there before is still here, except the exclusive identification with the small self and the drama that comes with it. And that small exception means a great deal to the life of the small self. There are still the daily activities and life of the small self, but now in a different context.

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