Experiencing Ourselves as Void

Although I can’t remember, I assume I experienced myself as void after birth. All phenomena arise in me as space, as a fluid seamless whole. There is no me and you, no this and that.

Early on, I figured out that I can move parts of this field. The parts I now call my body.

And a little later, I started identifying with this body. This is me and that is you. And I started identifying with different characteristics as well, which set this me apart from the rest of the whole. I created an image of a personality, which was different from other personalities.

Throughout all this, the experience of being a void was present. And most of the time, I didn’t notice, or I didn’t take it seriously, or I didn’t realize the implications of it.

Now, when I see myself as this void – this capacity for experiences – it seems uneventful. And I also realize that the implications of it are tremendous.

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