Field of Inner and Outer

I notice myself as space in which the world of phenomena arise. And I see that I can discern in innumerable ways within this fluid seamless whole of phenomena.

One way to draw a light and dotted boundary line is between what arises within this small self and what arises outside of this small self.

Within this fluid seamless whole, I can see that some phenomena arise within the small self – such as sensations, emotions and thoughts; and other phenomena arise outside of this small self – such as other human beings, trees, houses; and some again arise as both the small self and the larger whole – such as the Earth, galaxies and the Universe as a whole.

When I am this capacity for experiences, this fluid and seamless whole arises within me. And what arises from within the small self is often just a small part of the whole field. In most situations, it is in fact a very small part of the whole field.

This is a great relief, because I find that I don’t need to take what arises from within the small self so seriously. It only takes up a small part of the whole field. It is just one small part of the whole rich tapestry of the present.

And it is a great relief for another reason. I find that in this whole rich tapestry is change. This present is always fluid. There is no need to hold onto anything, not even what arises from within the small self.

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