I am noticing again what can happen if I allow labels and stories about my experiences to fall away. Today, I woke up and quickly labeled what I experiened as unfocused and fragmented thoughts, as lethargy, sadness (maybe even the beginning of depression?), etc. And from these labels, I continued the story – finding several things from yesterday which could explain it, and I further expanded the story by blaming myself for eating things which seem to trigger these reactions, and so on. The story got more and more elaborate, weighing me down more than the initial experience ever could. As I later allowed it to fall away, I again noticed that my experience changed – into something that I could not easily put words on even if I wanted. What earlier weighed me down now turned into a quite sweet experience and a sense of connection. What I earlier experienced as a problem, I can now see as a support – in being present, in opening up, in staying with what is, and becoming a little more human (through dropping resistance to my experiences).

One thought to “Fluidity”

  1. I had a similar experience recently with the label ‘Lazy’. I’d been calling myself that for years and suddenly I really got that I am not Lazy. I didn’t even have to ‘re-frame’ that judgment to make it more acceptable. It was more like a knowing that ‘I’ cannot possibly be lazy!


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