Fluidity & Transitions

The more fluid we are, the better we may be able to deal with transitions. And to move in the direction of fluidity, we have to find the “ground” where we can see this small self, and the world of phenomena – as a fluid seamless whole. As fluidity itself. And not only that, but there is practice needed – in knowing ourselves as this ground in daily situations.

As society and individuals, we know one thing for sure – there are significant transitions ahead of us. We don’t know what it will look like, but we do know that we will have to let go of much of what we cherish – in terms of worldviews, ideas, expectations, self-idenitity as a species, culture and individuals, and in terms of our physical situation.

It will be a painful process, but made easier by relaxing into it, knowing ourselves (the small self) as change, and allowing resistance to our experiences to fall away.

The whip & the carrot of the transition

The whip is all that which makes a transition neccesary.

Our ability to exterminate ourselves by the push of a button, the increasing discrepancy between rich and poor within and among countries and following social unrest and mass migrations, new diseases spreading rapidly due to poverty, high population densities and travel, corporate media which filters and skews our feedback loops, an ecologically suicidal economical system – and inherent in all this – a civilization which is not life oriented.

The carrot is all that which makes the transition possible and attractive.

Our awareness of the Earth as a seamless whole, global communication, new systems oriented worldviews (including new cosmology, deep ecology, etc), and the growing number of people who knows the benefits – from personal experience – of a more life-centered way of living. This more life-centered way of living is explored in integral frameworks and integral approaches in general, as well as new technologies wich is working with nature rather than against it, new non-growth economical systems, open source approach to information and business, new ways of decision making based on co-intelligence, fulfilling our needs through connections rather than consumption, etc.

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