Freedom to Be What Arises in the Present

I saw the John Wayne movie Rio Bravo last night, enjoyed it tremendously, and also noticed how I in the past probably wouldn’t (or at least would have been conflicted about it).

When I find myself as space, there is no particular identity, and I can be whatever comes up inside or outside of this person.

So if there is enjoyment and engagement coming up, I can be that enjoyment and engagement. If there is tension and contraction, I can be that tension and contraction. I am aware of occasional and various thoughts arising on how it may compare with some of the innumerable possible self-images and ideologies, and these are also what arises in the present.

I can enjoy John Wayne dealing with the ruffians in a language they understand, and with no extra. I can enjoy the intrigue and the unfolding situations. I am aware of how what comes up – within and outside of this small self. And among what arises are now and then thoughts on how this may compare with different thoughts and ideologies. They arise and fade, as everything else passing through. When I look at them, I cannot find any substance to them.

Sometimes there may be reason to take this comparison more into account, for instance when engaging with other people. But even here, there is nothing to take too seriously. It becomes more pragmatic. It is real in the sense that these are some of the comparisons people make, and that may be important to know, but not real in any inherent way.

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