Big Mind, Existence, God, Buddha Mind, embraces the Absolute and the Relative. It is that in which all polarities and phenomena unfolds in always new and fresh ways. The Absolute, the space & awareness empty of any characteristics and distinct from phenomena, allows any and all phenomena to unfold within it. There is a tremendous freedom to manifest in myriad of ways (within the limits of – as well as made possible by – some of the habits of this universe). This is the ocean.

When we awaken to the drop, to the “local” Witness – space & awareness, the formless unborn, the function of experiencing – we find a similar freedom. We find a freedom in allowing all the experiences of the small self to unfold within this space & awareness, empty of resistance. We find a freedom to express any of these, according to what seems appropriate in the situation. We find a freedom to temporarily taking on any view, and then allowing it to go.

Of course, this freedom of manifestation is not a freedom from consequences. The two balance each other out, and the second informs the former. As before, each of the actions of the small self in the world have consequences. And the more we are informed by a transdual view, and with the wisdom and compassion that comes with it, the more we can act in a way that supports life, and the less we create problems and suffering for ourselves and others. And when we live with sincerity, we allow the learning and maturing to go a little faster and with fewer bumps.

In most cases, our lives will outwardly look completely ordinary – because we are also free to follow the norms and guidelines of society. And we are free to do something else, if that seems appropriate in the situation.

We need to balance the freedom of the Absolute with the realities of the Relative world. We need to explore the integration of the whole holarchy from the Relative through to the Absolute.

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