Fresh or Boring

When we believe in thoughts, we can easily get caught up in the polarity of excitement vs. boredom. We experience a situation, label it with a thought, recognize the label as something we have used to label another experience, and trick ourselves into boredom. It is just the same as before anyway.

When we don’t believe in thoughts, when we just see them as visitors – temporarily passing through, it is different. We rest in ourselves as space & awareness, as the function of experiencing, and everything arising within this space & awareness – everything experienced – appears as fresh and new.

We directly experience everything arising within our awareness, without the filters of believing in thougths about it, and this gives it an immediacy, intimacy and richness.

We also realize that this Now is all there is. Only believing in thoughts create the illusion of the past and present as something that is tangible right now. There may be thoughts about the past and future arising in the present, but that is all they are – thoughts and abstractions. Right now, all that is, is the richness and completeness of what is arising in me as space/awareness.

By allowing attachments to thoughts to fall away, we experience this present as fresh, new and unique. We allow it to arise in space & awareness, with a taste of great appreciation for the way Existence manifests here/now.

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