Existence seems to operate with many forms of glue.


Whenever we resist something, we are glued to it until we see it as ourselves and can move beyond. We identify with one end of a polarity and see it as “me”, and resist the other end and see it as “not me”. And from this split, there is either an attraction or aversion arising to that which is “not me”, which functions as a glue. It glues our attention to it, until we are able to see that as “me” as well, which allows us to include and transcend.


Whenever there is an awakening, there is bliss, sense of new freedom and fullness, etc. which keeps us coming back. Of course, this too is just a temporary and fleeting experience, but it does keep us glued to the awakening process – which allows it to deepen and clarify. Eventually, we come to recognize ourselves as that in which all experiences unfold, independent of the character of these experiences.

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