Gratitude & Awakening

As recepivity seems to be both a gateway and fruition of awakening, gratitude seems to be the same.

And this gratitude is…

For Existence, God, Buddha Mind manifesting in always new ways, always complete and perfect as is.

For the whole life and all of the experiences of this small self. When we awaken, we see that it all is complete as it is, and that it all led to and enrichen the awakening.

For situations that trigger a contraction in the small self, because it is a reminder to allow it to unfold within ourselves as space & awareness, and then as Big Mind.

For all the different ways the mind can function on personal and transpersonal levels. We recognize the value of each, including how the role of the personal voices/subpersonalities is to support the existence of the small self.

Gratitude aligns us with recognizing the nature of mind, and is a natural fruition of awakening to the nature of mind.

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