Harm & No Trace

When we awaken to the nature of mind – to the witness, to ourselves as space & awareness, as the formless unborn – we see that it cannot be harmed. No matter what the content of our experiences are, even if it is the most extreme and terrible suffering, we see that there is no trace at this level. It is just a clear sky – which remains a clear sky even as clouds pass through it. There is no way to harm space, this empty space where the only detectable is the function of awareness.

On the other hand, the small self can obviously be harmed – in innumerable ways. The physical body can be harmed on large (dismembered) or small (virus, endocrine imbalances) scales. The energy system can be blocked and imbalanced. The system of emotions, thoughts and behaviors can develop deeply ingrained and contracted habitual patterns causing a great deal of suffering.

But even here, that part of us distinct from the small self is always unharmed. It is always clear.

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