Healing & Transcending

The relationship between healing and transcending the small self is an interesting one. They seem to go hand-in-hand, one supporting and making the other possible. We cannot allow fuller healing into the small self unless we awaken to our own nature as space & awareness, this ground outside of the small self. And we cannot fully integrated the transpersonal and personal, unless the small self is relatively healed.

If we are stuck in exclusive identification with the small self, we are automatically stuck in a dualistic view, which means that we will continue to be in battle with Existence – in relation with both the part inside the small self and outside of the small self.

Similarly, to rest in the Absolute and have it as the context for our experiences throughout our daily life, it helps to heal the small self. The fewer hangups and triggers there are, and the milder they are, the easier it will be to include the Absolute in our center of gravity through our daily life. There is also a risk that whatever realizations there are will be filtered through the hangups of the small self, and come out distorted in words and action.

So, one is not really possible without the other. Healing and maturing of the small self allows us to gradually awaken the Absolute and then to Big Mind, and to integrate this into our daily life. Awakening to the Absolute and the Big Mind allows us to bring awareness into more aspects of the small self and allow it to reorganize, heal and mature.

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