Inherently Valuable

If Existence is God (Spirit, Big Mind, Buddha Mind) manifesting and exploring itself…

Then God seeks to explore and experience itself in an infinite variety of ways, including through a myriad of small selves and (apparent) local and limited consciousnesses.

At the same time, the consciousnesses functioning through the small selves try to experience God.

The whole seeks to experience itself through its parts, and the parts try to experience themselves through the whole.

This means that any aspect of Existence – any phenomenon and any experience – is inherently valuable and meaningful. It is just one of the many ways God explore and experience itself.

Living beings and nonliving matter, confusion or clarity, contraction or expansion, resistance or receptivity, joy or sadness, bliss or suffering, delusion or awakening – all of these are equally valuable. They are all ways God explore and experience itself.

When we realize this, it opens up for a tremendous freedom.

Also because, from this perspective, there is no way any aspect of this is not going to be enlightened, because it already is. It certainly doesn’t appear that way to the consciousness functioning through most small selves, but that is also part of the game, part of the richness and part of what gives a direction to the unfolding of Existence.

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