When you close your eyes and try to find yourself, here in this moment, who or what do you discover yourself to be?

Clear space and knowing.

And I also find myself to be all the experiences arising within this clear space and knowing. I am the sound of the sikadas, the sound of the car, the light of the computer monitor, the room, the cool breeze, the darkness outside the windows, the weight of the body, the breath, the pressure under the foot.

I am that which is experiencing, and I am that which appears to this experiencing.

Notes: There is always a temptation to answer based on memories of previous experiences, using words previously used, or according to something I have read or heard. When I drop this, there is a slight uneasiness and also a freshness, immediacy and element of surprise. I notice that when I come to myself as space & awareness, there is an immediately nondual view. I am this awareness, and I am that which is experienced as well. There is no separation.

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