Integral & Translucent

Every other week (with some breaks in June/July) we have had an integral group meeting at our house. It is quite small as we are still figuring out format etc.

I have come to think of the group as for integrally informed translucents…!

Here are some of the elements for each meeting…

  • Theme for the evening
    Past: integral practice, projections, typical phases of awakenings, the witness/ground/absolute.
    Possible future themes: ecospirituality/deep ecology/creation spirituality.

  • Round of check-ins
    How it’s been since last time.
    If there is a new person there, a brief description of our individual integral practice.

  • Experiential activity
    With reflections, feedback, conversations.

  • Integration in daily life
    Personal experiences, and ways to bring it into daily life.

  • Integral framework (AQAL model)
    Placing what we talk about in the integral framework, as appropriate.

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