One way of looking at liberation…

I awaken to my own nature as space & awareness – the formless unborn, etc. – and loose my exclusive identification with the small self. From here, it is a process of bringing this into more and more situations in the daily life of the small self. Of allowing old habits to fall away, allowing the identity to become more fluid, porous and inclusive, and of “declutching” to the automatic and habitual patterns of the small self.

Whenever there is a contraction and suffering, I see it as a pointer to where there is still exclusive identification. It points to where I still exclusively identify with an aspect of the small self, and forget myself as space & awareness. When I see this, I can shift my center of gravity to include both, and allow for a gentle disidentification from the side of the absolute (space & awreness) and healing on the side of the relative (small self).

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