Likes & Dislikes

Over the last several days, I have noticed that certain situations trigger something in me, and that this could be made into a like or dislike if I engaged in it. But when I allow it to arise within space & awareness, and don’t engage in it – and allow labels to drop, then it just arises, unfolds and fades away with no trace. This happens daily, and in diffent situations – mostly when I am out in public (for me, other people tends to trigger things).

Where there could be engagement in what arises, and contractions, there is now a great sense of ease and simplicity. There is no need to create drama, no need to kick up dust. Just an ease and simplicity of being and in interactions.

Several factors are probably involved in this shift for me. Among the more recent ones are Byron Katie’s inquiry (allowing beliefs to drop me), Breema (coming to the richness of the body while resting in/as the Witness), continued sitting practice (shikantaza, although not as regularly as at other times), and the deekshas (planting me firmly in the witness). This journal may have helped as well, in clarifying the process for me.

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