Naming the Nameless

There are many names for our nature as space & awareness, each pointing to a certain aspect of it. I’ll start with the ones that are most intimate with my experience right now.

Space & Awareness
It is clear, empty space and awareness. It is that in which any phenomena can arise within.

Function of Experiencing
Even the word space seems to much, more “something” than it really is. It is more just a pure unbound function of experiencing.

It is that which is witnessing the fluid unfolding phenomena. That in which phenomena unfolds within.

Clear Seeing
It is just clear seeing, without the emotional/thought filters of the small self.

Formless Unborn
It is distinct from the world of phenomena, and is thus without form and without birth.

It is empty of any characteristics.

It is a void, in which all phenomena can arise.

Original Face
It is our original face, distinct from the world of phenomena and time. It is there before, in, after, and distinct from this small self and time.

We are capacity for the world, as it arises in the present.

It is that which is left when there is no head. When I become clear seeing, space & awareness, there is no head. (Coined by Douglas Harding.)

It is the source of all phenomena, that which all phenomena arise within, and that which experiences all phenomena. As a friend said “everything grows on a nothing tree.”

And I am sure there are many more.

As it is distinct from the world of phenomena, and words are used to differentiate within this world of phenomena, words can of course not do it justice. They can only point to it.

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