No Subject, No Object

Staying as space & awareness – shifting attention into that aspect of our being – has several consequences.

One is that we allow any and all experiences to unfold within us, without a need to automatically engage with them through fueling or pushing them away. We are still free to engage with them, within the context of this space & awareness. The habitual patterns of the small self, such as contractions triggered by certain circumstances, unfold on their own – within space & awareness. We can say “yes” to the “no”.

Another is that any inherent and fixed identity falls away. Our Absolute aspect is distinct from the world of phenomena, and does not have any inherent, fixed or exclusive identity. Only the small self can have such an identity, and this small self is just arising within this vast/limitless space. We have and can operate through/as a small self, but are not exclusively identified with it. It is just one part of the whole holarchy of our being.

Having no inherent identity, there is no separation between subject – that which is experiencing, and object – that which is experienced. I am this space & awareness. And I also am whatever arises in the present – the sound of the cars, the pressure under the butt and feet, the pressure under the pads of the fingers, the comfortable temperature of the slight breeze, the dog barking in the distance, the cat mewing, the movement of the fingers and the body. All this arises within me, and as me. There is no separation. There is no distinction between subject and object.

When there is a fixed and limited identity, there is automatically subject and object, the experiencer and the experienced. And this happens as soon as my awareness of my being contracts down to exclusive identification with the processes of the small self – with thoughts, emotions, sensations.

As soon as I am aware of the whole holarchy of being, from the small self through space & awareness, it shifts. I am this space & awareness which is the context for all experiences. And I am whatever arises, in the present. There is no subject and no object, only the inseparability of the space & awareness and that which is arising in the present.

I also see that I can find a distinction, if I look for it. I can see that it is possible to distinguish between the experiencer and the experienced, the subject and the object. But the experience in the moment is that there is no subject and no object.

And there is no need for any particular practice or situation to do this. I can bring attention to it at any point throughout the day, in any situation.

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