One Taste

Having a foot in the Absolute and a foot in the Relative is one taste of One Taste.

I recognize myself as this space & awareness, the function of experiencing. And within this space & awareness is all that which is experienced.

This space & awareness stays the same, it is empty of any characteristics.

And that which is experienced is fluid – always fresh and new. There is bliss, then joy, then equanimity, then intense physical pain, then nausea, then fatigue, then focus and energy, then compassion, then contraction, then irritation, then judgment, then being caught up in thoughts, then resting in spaciousness. It all passes through, and it all passes. There is one experience after another – each one unique and beautiful, complete as it is.

There is nothing to hold onto, there is no trace. No experience leaves any trace in that which is distinct from the world of phenomena – that which is experiencing.

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