Our Many Faces & No Face

As Douglas Harding points out, we have layers of appearance.
[link to a brief movie.]

From the view of someone else, I appear as a human being at the distance of a few feet. Closer up, I appear as cells. Even closer up, I appear as molecules and atoms. Even closer up, there is just space. Going out, I appear as this house. Further out, I appear as this city. Even further out, I appear as this planet. Further out, I appear as a galaxy. Further out, again there is mostly just space.

From my own view, I appear as space in which this world appears.

To someone else, and to myself in a mirror, I have layers of appearances – ending at both extremes in space. To myself, there is just this space – this void – this capacity for experiencing the world.

Is this how it is for you? (I appreciate how he always speaks from own experience, and invites others to see how it is for them.)

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