Path & Nowhere to Go

I remembered a story I heard about Krishnamurti. He had apparently spoken for a long time on nowhere to go. It is already here. At the end of the talk, a woman raised her hand and asked “that is beautiful – how do I get there?” (probably not a very accurate rendition of the story).

It is of course a funny story, but it can be seen as funny for different reasons.

One is that she didn’t get it, and didn’t even try to hide – or didn’t realize – that she didn’t get it.

One is that it shows the other side, the one Krishnamurti (apparently) did speak about: the path.

From the view of Existence, everyone and everything are perfect expressions of Existence, of God, of Buddha Mind. Whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we experience, it is all a perfect manifestation of God. We cannot escape it, no matter how hard we try.

On the other hand, there is a path into this realization. It doesn’t help that there is a diamond sown into our robe unless we know it is there.

If we get stuck in one or the other, we are… stuck.

If we are stuck in the idea of nowhere to go, we won’t get there very easily if we are not already there. We get stuck in an idea of nowhere to go.

And if we are already there, we won’t be able to guide others into it very easily either. We are stuck in the Absolute or Big Mind, not able to acknowledge or interact with others functioning from different perspectives. We are not able to meet people where they are.

If we are stuck in path, then we will never get there. There is always something else over the next hill. We are exclusively identified with seeking, and not able to open up for what already is – here and now.

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