Power of Gawking

Brian Swimme uses the wonderful phrase The Power of Gawking
[see page 8 of this pdf from What Is Enlightenment magazine].

If Existence is God manifesting and exploring itself in an infinite variety of ways, then we are one of the many ways God experiences itself. When we experience, God experience through us.

In a certain way, it doesn’t matter how or what we experience – whatever it is, it just adds to the richness of the total.

The other side of it is why not engage in it, as the experience organs of God, with dedication and enthusiasm. Why not gawk? Why not making a habit of gawking with delight.

God knows (literally) that there is enough to gawk at – anything is a miracle worthy of our gawking. It is Existence manifesting, perfectly and completely, in the present. Wonderfully, in always new and fresh ways.

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