Most of what I write about here has to do with a particular shift – from exclusive identification with the small self to awakening to the nature of mind.

Being blindly identified with or temporarily caught up in the processes of the small self – the habitual patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviors which are triggered by various situations in our lives – we are at the mercy of circumstances.

When we awaken to the nature of mind – to ourselves as the Witness, space & awareness, the formless unborn – there is a new “ground” outside of the small self, which gives us a sense of overview and perspective. From here, we can allow the exclusive identification with the small self to soften and fall away, and we can embrace the whole holarcy from body through to the Absolute.

When we practice anything – including this small shift – in our daily life, we deepen the grooves which allows this shift to happen. And the more we do it, in minor and everyday situations, the more it is available to us in situations which may be more challenging. In systems terminology, we deepen the new attractor state. Or we can say that through our daily practice, we put money in the bank which is then available to us when we really need it.

It is a great blessing to be able to engage in any practice – including this one – in a myriad of minor situations. Each time we do it, we become a little more familiar with the process, a little more familiar with the dynamics, we learn to trust it a little more. We find ourselves being supported by the process – carried by it, beyond any doing on our part.

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