Here is another way of looking at the pre/post or pre/trans dynamic…

First, we – as consciousness – identify exclusively with the small self. There is no differentiation. I am this body, this personality, these emotions and thoughts and behaviors. My view is naturally dualistic.

Then, we awaken to our nature – as space & awareness, as the formless unborn, as that distinct from the world of phenomena. I am this space & awareness, in which the small self and the experiences of the small self arise. This is a phase of differentiation.

From this new “ground” distinct from phenomena, I find a more transdual view.

I realize that all phenomena – that this small self and the rest of the universe – are all aspects of one seamless fluid whole.

And I realize that my own nature of space & awareness (the absolute) and all phenomena (the relative) similarly are aspects of one fluid whole.

There is another awakening here, and this time an awakening into this universe as consciousness, and I am that consciousness.

Even here, there is a continuous process of differentiation within the seamless fluid whole. There is a deepening and clarification of our experience of distinctions and of the seamless whole.

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