Pure Perception

A few weeks ago, I woke up in/as pure perception. Eventually, the connection with the small self was re-established and I again had access to information through the small self.

During this period, there was just pure experience. It was crystal clear, but with no access to any information whatsoever, no thoughts, no emotions, no experience of time passing.

Later, as I connected with this small self again, I could label the content of my experiences as light, shade, color, sounds, and as the bedroom and a series of lightning strikes, and assume that the timespan may have been between 30 and 60 seconds.

This was most likely a taste of the “local” nature of mind, the space & awareness, function of experiencing, formless unborn. It was quite disconnected with the processes of the small self (apart from sitting up and seeing through the eyes of the small self) – a complete absence of access to information and thoughts.

Afterwards, I shifted into a new and deep appreciation of the world of phenomena, and this small self as an emissary into the world of phenomena. It is such as rich and full experience, and does not leave out the nature of mind at all – this same space & awareness is the context for all these experiences. It is that in which they all arise. I experience such as gratitude for this holarchy of being, the more so as I know it is just temporary.

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