Relaxing Into

This is becoming more and more alive for me: the beauty of relaxing into what is.

I can allow myself to relax into what is, right here/now. I am held by Existence as it manifests in the present, in always new and fresh ways. There is no need to hold onto anything – because I see so clearly how futile it is, and because I am always held by Existence – perfectly, completely. There are no gaps, only a seamless richness. A complete support from what is.

And I can come to this by relaxing into/as the nature of mind – as space & awareness, the formless unborn, the function of experiencing. I am this space & awareness, in which all phenomena arises. It is beyond effort and no effort, beyond relaxed and not relaxed, beyond simple and compex. And yet it is a relaxation, effortlessness and simplicity beyond any description. It simply is.

When I live this in daily life, there is a beautiful simplicity and ease. When I sit with it in/as shikantaza, there is a simplicity and clarity beyond what I have experienced previously.

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