Resting & Seeking

There is a beauty in resting in space & awareness, as the context for all experiences.

And in this, I can allow all polarities to arise – without splitting my experience of the world by attaching to and fueling one end of the polarity, and resisting and pushing away the other. [from a recent post]

There is an interesting dynamic here. Of course, as long as we attach to a seeking of awakening, we attach to a resisting of that which is not awakened. When we seek the light, we resist darkness.

Still, this seems to be a neccesary phase in the process (at least in many cases). We seek awakening, and allows for a gradually more transdual view. Until – at some point – we need to even drop this seeking. We need to include awakening and delusion in our transdual view, seeing both as part of the same whole.

In Buddhism, they talk about the “golden chain” – attachment to practice and Buddhahood. It is golden, as it can lead us to awakenings. It is a chain as it is still an attachment, still partial, still from delusion. It is – appropriately so – among the last attachments to go.

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