Shakiness & Support

My body has been a little shaky the last couple of days, probably from some food I had which contained food chemicals (it seems pretty sensitive to it).

Today, during the Breema class, I had an opportunity to see how this can be a support. Mainly, it turned out to be a support in doing it for myself. I needed it so much that it was the only thing that came up as realistic in the situation. And it also allowed me to disengage from the thinking process, as it would take too much energy. Much easier to just rest as space & awareness. At the end, it was so clear that this physical body is just a small aspect of this whole holarchy of being – and that the rest of it was doing quite well.

And in this new context, I notice that the shakiness of the body brings me to greater receptivity. It slows me down a little, I soften and open up more.

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