There is something that bugs me about how I typically write. It often comes out too simplified, too clean, too idealized.

What I am writing about is from own experiences – and checked with that of others – but it is always much more messy than it comes out when I write. It is embedded in the messiness and complexity of real life.

And when I write about the view from the absolute, or from someone living fully from Big Mind, the way I describe it is only a direction. It is not a description of how someone would actually and 100% live and embody it. It may be close, but – most likely – never completely there. Our life is far too complex for that. There is always further to go.

Our views and experiences are always limited, no matter how familiar we are with the Big Mind view… It is always filtered by biology, culture, and especially personal hangups and blind spots. We all have our hangups, our blind spots, our wounded areas, things we don’t want to acknowledge to ourselves or others.

And yet – when we do acknowledge it – it is OK. We allow light into it and space around it. We can take it into account in our communication and behavior. It is that which is unseen, unacknowledged, that becomes dangerous. When it is seen, it becomes a source of humility, gratitude and a deepening humanization. When it is not seen, it becomes a danger to ourselves and others. It becomes a weapon.

My intention for my practice ahead is to be as sincere, as honest, as complete and inclusive, as possible – in how I relate to myself and in my journal. To have it as an intention, a direction, a gentle reminder. And then allow it to spill into my everyday life, and how I relate to others, in a natural and effortless way.

When I notice my tendency for idealization, for leaving out the messiness, I can use that as a reminder to relax fully into the field of experiences – everything that fits the idealization and everything that humanizes and enriches it. And then allow that to come out, in whatever way I can.

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