Continuing the series of qualities which are both a path and fruition of awakening, here is sincerity.

Sincerity helps us stay honest with what is. And this is essential for seeing where we are at, and what may need attention. Without it, we live in a (even more obvious) fantasy world and spin our wheels.

Sincerity means seeing in the present what seems true for us right now. It is always fresh, always new, always with an element of the unexpected.

Sincerity is there to the extent we allow ideas to drop, and we can drop them to the extent we don’t believe in them. Similarly, ideas filter our experience to the degree we believe in them. The particular content of the ideas is less important, although they could be of what “should” be, words we have read or spoken ourselves in the past, memories of past experiences, expectations of current or future experiences.

And there is only one we need to be sincere with, and that is ourselves. When we are, our sincerity will spill into all our relationships.

When we awaken to/as the nature of mind, and eventually to Big Mind, we see that sincerity is a natural functioning of this space & awareness, this function of experiencing. As a mirror, it faithfully reflects what arises. It cannot function any other way.

This, of course, does not mean that someone who has awakened in this way is always sincere – there are still many opportunities for filtering it.

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