Space & Contractions

This becomes repetitive, but I keep coming back to it as it is an interesting experience for me. And one that keeps me on my toes.

Whenever there is a habitual contraction of the small self, I can allow it to unfold within the context of space & awareness, the Witness, the formless unborn.

From here, there is a sense of space, perspective and overview. I can allow it to unfold without engaging in it. And when I engage, it is from more overview and sense of clarity.

It also seems that each time the contraction unfolds within space & awareness, it looses some of its charge. It softens. There is more space within it.

I had some good opportunities to practice this today, especially during a longish car ride with someone who fiddled with a plastic bag throughout the ride. My personality has a hangup about those things, and automatically contracts.

If I identify with and get caught up in it, there is a good deal of self-created suffering through judgment, sense of separation and so on. Now – allowing it to unfold within space & awareness – I can see all these tendencies arising, but there is no need to interfere. I can just allow them to arise, unfold and fade back into space.

And instead of judgment, irritability and sense of separation, there is a sense of effortless and tremendous gratitude, connection and compassion. I am truly grateful for the experience, and experience a deep sense of appreciation for this person.

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