There are many ways of relating to spiritual teachers and gurus…

We can see them – and everything/one else – as Existence, God, Buddha Mind, Spirit manifesting. There is no mistake. It is perfect as it is.

We can see them as reflections of what is already in ourselves, and use our devotion to and learning from the teacher as a way to discover this in ourselves.

We can use our discernment. What seems healthy and mature? What may be unhealthy and immature? We all have some of each, no matter how realized we are. And we can be relaxed about it – realizing that whenever something is triggered in us, it is because of an uninvestigated thought. It is first about our process.

Through inquiry – or another approach – we can allow the reactiveness to fall away. And if the activities of the teacher still appears to be harmful, we can do something about it in the outer world as well. And now from space, compassion and a sense of connection. Where there would be a confused mess of reactiveness, there is now more clarity, compassion and a sense of connection.

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